Zenith Services Group was founded in 1998 and over time has become a leading company in cleaning, disinfection and sanitation services.

In 2019 the group became a S.P.A. a sign of constant growth. This has been achieved through dedication, commitment and professionalism. As well as the innovative working method, ZS Group has managed to export even beyond national borders.

ZS GROUP SPA is the ideal partner for all those public and private companies that require professional facility management.


Professional intervention systems are designed to meet the individual needs of the customer.


We have technically experienced staff and properly trained operating staff, who aspire to provide high quality cleaning services.

The modern equipment and the correct choice of products are used to perform our work, ensuring the best performance of the service. We work to create places of well-being, where you can feel safe and respected.

Our goals is to reach perfection. All our staff is continuously updated to maintain high standards of work.

The goal is to offer quality services, taking care of your environments with the same care you would have, but with our experience in the field.

Over the years, other companies in the same sector have been established.
They are now part of ZS GROUP SPA.