Cleaning is the premise of hygiene, it develops in an obliged path that we call “sanification“. Includes several steps including disinfection.

Our disinfection method allows to permanently eliminate infections caused by harmful microorganisms, through the use of products suitable for the surfaces and the type of dirt to be treated.

In this way, we reduce the bacterial load, removing organic residues, we can proceed with the application of specific disinfectant products.

For us, CLEAN – and therefore SANIFICATE – a place, means making it HYGIENICALLY HEAL and suitable to be inhabited by your customers.

Effective cleaning depends on many factors:

• type of dirt
• nature of the support to be cleaned
• type of product – detergent – used
• how to use the detergent product
• frequency of cleaning

The dirt to be removed can be of various types and it is essential to choose the most suitable detergent.