ZS GROUP SPA is specialized in the supply of outsourcing services.

The following list show the advantages that the customers can benefit from.

  • Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Higher specialization in the outsourced sector.
  • Periodic market research, useful for seizing the best opportunities, both technological and economic.
  • Focus on your core business.
  • Decrease of management problems.
  • Increase of service quality.
  • Constant analysis of expenses.
  • Continuous monitoring of performance, immediate intervention in case of misalignment with the pre-established objectives.

Outsourcing is the future. ZS Group invites you to explore it, increasing the potential of your business.


The ZS GROUP organization is based on the values ​​of self-sufficiency, self-responsibility, democracy and equality, endowing itself with a functional hierarchical system.

The tasks are organized in a systemic and efficient way by our professional staff. This is in order to plan time schedule in compliance with the directive of the management.

The greatest strength is the professionalism of our employees, and the continuous training of people, in which we have focused from the beginning, to offer efficiency in the service and to always be able to identify, promptly, the most suitable solutions to the different needs. This is why we pay particular attention to the Human Resources sector.

The success of ZS GROUP is certainly the result of the synergy between knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes of people who collaborate and relate, which have the sole purpose of achieving common goals.
ZS GROUP’s strenght is the workers, who are offered and guaranteed:

Training and constant updating of the personnel assigned to the services offered (hotel, railway and hospital sectors).

Safety: workers’ protection guaranteed, according to the law about safety on the workplace (Law decree 81/08), and on individual protection equipment, providing the required training and information.

Coordination: organization of tasks and correct leadership for the management of resources, site work and staff.

In compliance with environmental policies, the use of the environmentally-friendly technology guarantees a reduced environmental impact.
Close cooperation with leading companies in the supply of detergents guarantees:

Responsibility for health, safety and for the environment,

ECOLABEL Certification. Morover the use of technologically advanced machine and equipment allow,

• Provide professional work methods;

• Respect the concepts of energy saving.

Productivity and efficiency in 5 steps:

1. Meeting the Sales Manager
Listening the problems of the structure is the first step to offer a targeted consultancy.

2. Site Inspection
Noticing problems or lacks in the field of hygiene and cleaning, as well as assessing the techniques used, if they are appropriate or if they aren’t.

3. Preventive planning
Drafting a quote tailored on clients’ needs.

4. Executive planning
Approving the specifications, Developing an action plan.

5. Technical monitor and verification
System of monitor and verification of quality of the expected service.

• Project Phase
Drafting an ad hoc project that is efficient to solve the problems found in the examined structure after a free and thorough inspection.

• Environments Department
The strategy to implement for every space, the workforce to employ with the appropriate training, the products to use, the tools and the equipment to provide, and last but not least the correct leadership to manage the resources of the different areas of the workplace and of the employed staff.

• Action Plan
Implementing the proper techniques accordint to the intervation area, followed by monitoring and corrective actions.
Tasks organization and correct leadership to manage the resources of the workplace and of the staff.

• Supervision
One or more company representatives present on the field to constantly check the quality of the service offered.